no way you can make a perfect star shaped pancake


I am going to SD Comic Con 2014. Are you?! ~message me so we can meet there!~

Of Import: MARVEL, WINTER SOLDIER, POLITICAL ANIMALS, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Les Mis, XMFC, A KNIGHT'S TALE, Dylan O'Brien, SEBASTIAN STAN, Misha Collins, Dean Winchester, Megan Hilty, Toby Turner, Maze Runner, STILES, BUCKY, Michael Fassbender, STEVE ROGERS, Jennifer Lawrence, Boxing, Gina Carano, Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger

The only reasons I'm not just totally gay:

Dylan O'Brien and Sebastian Stan

My Marvel family:

Flirting with the Steve to my Bucky

Our Natasha

My Sniper Bro aka Clint

If you see a ship you don't agree with, I'll probably post a ship you DO agree with three seconds later. I multi-ship.

❝I’m a gay Jewish mutant. Aren’t they supposed to, I don’t know, shoot me on sight?❞